‘Tis the season…

As I scroll through my facebook “newsfeed,” I see posts about tacky Christmas parties, families lighting their menorahs, prayers for sick, or injured siblings, condolences to the bereaved, anger and sorrow about the shooting in CT (and projected legislation – ughhh), birth announcements, stress about gift shopping… December really has a talent for bringing out the good and the ugly.

Since I graduated high school, this month tends to bring out my darkness. I always enjoy Christmas day, but I get caught up in the stress and expectation of the day and I get disgusted with the materialism it brings. And maybe I also get a little bit of seasonal depression – less light is tough for us nocturnal types! But this year, I’m determined to be different. I’m determined to shape the world in a way that I want to see it and I’m going to do it my way. Instead of rolling my eyes when I go to the grocery store and hear horrible pop-renditions of “O, Holy Night,” I’m giggling about the fact that so many people actually enjoy it and loving the fact that it’s out there for them. I erected my first tree (at my house, not my parents’), but bought it from a charity for the hearing-impaired, so I didn’t feel like a sucker, and strung up some old ornaments that my friend’s family donated. I’ve spent hours working on special, semi-homemade gifts (can’t reveal online! ;)), and I even sent out Christmas cards. (The special few get to see my dog on their refrigerators allllllllll month! You’re welcome.) And when that darkness hits (I can’t control everything…), I hide in my room and write until the demons are gone. (Look forward to some serious rock-n-roll in 2013 – ha!)

So, it’s going to be a good month after all. I invite you to share in The Jolly with me, wherever you are, and hopefully we can outweigh the inevitable gloom, and instead be merry!


PS: CONGRATULATIONS to Nimbleslick agent JUSTIN WILLIS for finally sealing the deal with his high school sweetheart last night! What a perfect night to spend with a team of agents that feels more like family! :)


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