Thick Rimmed Short Shorts, etc.

What’s in a name? Enough weight that Reid and I cannot settle on a single one for our new project. We have been through soooo many!!! Some of our proposed band names have been more “side-project worthy,” and some are more jokes (or totally corny) to get the juices flowing, but so far we don’t feel drawn to ANYTHING. So, I thought I’d share this extraordinarily long (edited) list of unextraordinary names with y’all…. if for nothing else than to make you laugh.

Mossy Grandeur

Mossy Halo

Red Clay Rose


Hornbeam Spotlight

Catfish Koolaide

Honeysuckle Heartthrobs

Heartstring Fiddlers

Magnolia Mo(u)rning

Bream Shot

Front Porch Patsies

The Glittery Raw


Elation Nation

Kudzu Keepers

Coon Hounds of Pound Town

Drowning Juleps

Piedmont Primers

Whiskey Quarry

Whiskey or Against Me

Lazy Bullets

Apathetic Arrowheads

Magnolia Monarchs

Angels’ Share

The Everyday Fridays

The Modern Pines

King Strip

Strip King

Memory of Elizabeth Reid (jk… that’ll be our female fronted Allman Bros Tribute Project)

Reid’n Rainbow

Kings Can’t Reid

Sweat Tooth

Ragtop Royalty


Blue Ceilings

Dirt Nap

Lawd Child

Soul Baby

Priest Funk


Loan Shark

Dirty Falcon

Shark Set


Snuffaluffagus Loves Cookie Monster

Shark Fangs

Bavid Dowie

Cool Nephew

Little Hammer

Wolf Shark

Wife Mother

Mission Position

Carr Nagle

Car Bagle

Boogie Board

Chess Test


Firecracker Rebellion

The Swarm


Cobblestone Cotillion




Solumn Joy



Den Mother

Shark Den

IV League

The Outta Townies

See the Sights

Our Shark Parlor


Make Some Moves

Make a Few Moves

Call Me

Little Buzz

Little (anything)

Rock Lettuce

Little Stranger

Little Moves

Little Shark

Animal Names.

Shark List

Wildcat Correspondence

Pasty Pat and the Fang Bangers

Paper Hanger

Diesel Bear

Disco Tin

Buzzard Truck

Cornfield Cadillac

Pay Wagon

Pregnant Rollerskate

Signal 7

Suicide Jockey

Sow Belly


Yard Goat



Fat Cats

Hang Around Nellie

Harvey Wallbanger

Hungry Heifer



Nullified Prophesy

Hungry Hungry Rhino

Thick Rimmed Short Shorts

High and Tight

The Long Forever

Bottomless Summer

Pale Moonlight

Phosphor Bronze

Bath Time

Objective Correlative

Threads of Gold

Shadows of Hawks

Scanty Gains

Web of Silver

Web of Roses

Soft as Water

Highborn Dames

Cigar Candy

Idle Fingers

Thoughtless Heart

Dyed in Purple

Enforced Privilege

Dyed Baby Blue

Honest Knave

Died Empty

Honest Burden

Ripe for Pleasure

Jealous Moon

Hallowed Reeds

Cold Mouth

Cunning Bronze

Ripe Phrases

Ripe Fever

Vintage Burden

Reeling Earth

Vintage Honey

Raw Honey

Modern Vintage

Lada Honey

Cathead Honey

Stomping Grounds


Cooler Snake

Peaches and Dream

Cold Rebel Darlings

Rough Draught

Young & Grey

Weary Youth

Snake Charms


Bale Bonds

Tan Lions

Tan Lines

Darned Heart

The Sunset Darlings

Bated Breath

Pocket Doves



Rays of Day

Baby Gravy

Dip Cup

Rattling Heart

Late Night Cotillion

Contempt & Suspicion

Show Pony

Velvet Vintage

Vintage Dusk

The Past Lives

Heartbroken Lovechild

Group Sneeze

Heart Rattle

Dirt Bike


Vinyl Citing (our DJ project)


Taxidermy Burden

Hollow Point

Parlor Patrons

Slippery Elm

Psychic Types

Psychic Brisket

Love Laundry

Redheaded Lovechild

Mall Walkers

The New Mall

Jumpy Ghethers

Sudden Storm

Obviously, my vote is somewhere between Dip Cup and Cool Nephew, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. In the meantime, PLEEEEEEEEEASE HIT US UP WITH SUGGESTIONS!!! 😛


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