Sneak Peek for Savannah Eyes Only – Shhhhhh!!!

Hey, remember Mr. Craigslist? Well, that’s still happening. In fact, we’ve been enjoying writing with each other sooooo much, that we are working on a new project together! It will be a major change from BKC, but it will still be a full-band act with all sorts of vox and lyrics from yours truly. The big difference is that Reid is going to sing a lot too! And you should be seeing a lot more of my guitar on stage in the future… (yikes!)

This new project is still in the works (name suggestions….? anyone….?), but we’ve already tackled some songs that we’re pretty excited about. One is a duet that we wrote on our first “date!” We don’t have anything recorded to offer yet, BUT we’ve got an idea…. BKC is scheduled to play at Mojo’s Juke Joint on River Street in Savannah next Friday (4/26), but we’re thinking that since so many of our favorite people (who have supported us from the beginning! thank you!) reside in this beautiful city, we’d like to give y’all a little sneak peek of the new act! We think you’ll enjoy getting a taste of this — we’re really stoked to try it out in one of our favorite places!

So, come on out to Mojo’s and catch a glimpse! Then, help us come up with a name….!!!! 😉




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