Late July Update

Oh hey! It’s been wayyyyyy too long! I just wanted to give all of you internet-savvy-supporters out there a cyber-shout-out and an update.

Reid and I are still going strong — building our new project and writing new songs. We are REALLY excited about it, despite the fact we are still mulling over a band name…. (blughhhhhh!!!) While the band name has been a struggle, the song writing has not in the least — that part has been a breeze! Reid and I are getting anxious to play the new stuff for an audience. We’ve got songs of love and sorrow… murder and suicide… encouragement and new beginnings…. you know… all of the good things! 😉 We are going to play a few shows in GA in August and September as [insert band name here] and BKC is going to lay out for a little while to allow this new project to splash around.

So, that’s the latest! Check up on our show dates and hopefully we’ll see you soon!


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