Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Outta Hand?

With their bellies full of Christmas cheer (and/or regret…), a hearty handful of Georgia’s Finest will top off the holiday with a night of Outlaw Country Music on Lumpkin Street tonight. The Georgia Theatre is hosting “Outlaws In The Round,” featuring members of Bear Left, Eddie & the Public Speakers, Efren, Evan Barber & the Dead Gamblers, Mama’s Love, Saint Francis, Sweet Knievel, Rans Thomas & Friends, and of course, yours truly. Here’s a preview of our tentative set list, with singers in parentheses:

1.Good Hearted Woman (Thomas Galloway, Bo Hembree)
2.Mama Tried (John Polar Bear Burke)
3.Folsom Prison/T for Tx (Rans Thomas)
4.Jackson (BH, Betsy Kingston)
5.How I Got to Memphis (Evan Barber)
6.Prisoner’s Song (Jonathan Brill)
7.Nowhere Road (TG, BK)
8.Joy (BK)
9.I’m a Ramblin’ Man (BH)
10.Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way (Scott Low)
11.Don’t You Think This Outlaw Biz… (RT)
12.The Ride (JPB)
13.I’m Still In Love With You (EB, BK)
14.Juanita (EB)
15.She’s All I Got (TG)
16.Long Black Veil (JB)
17.Wayside/Back In Time (BK)
18.Outlaw Women (BH)
19.Dinosaur (RT)
20.Dollar Bill Blues (SL)
21.Oo Las Vegas (TG, BK)
22.Ramblin’ (EB)
23.Angel from Montgomery (RT, BK)
24.Out of My System (JB)
25.Workin’ Man Blues (BH)
26.To Live is to Fly (EB)
27.Ring of Fire (JPB)
28.Gotta get Drunk (SL)
29.It Wasn’t God… Honky Tonk Angels (BK)
30.Please Come to Boston (EB)
31.You Never Call Me By My Name (RT)
32.You Ain’t Woman Enough… (BK)
33.In Spite of Ourselves (BH, BK)
34.Lonesome, Ornery and Mean (BH)
35.Redneck Mother (Rackley Davis)

Y’all come drink some brown liquor with us tonight and see if we stick to it…. 😉


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