Cletus & the Lofty EP

Remember that thing I said about having more than one agenda here in Nashville? “Blah, blah, blah music, and oh yeah, also, motherhood…” Well, it seems we are on our way! For those of you who did not notice my lack of bourbon during my latest performance of “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” thank you for actually listening. And for those of you who took note of my sobriety (Mom!)*, let me go ahead and confirm for you that I do, in fact, have a bun in the oven. (*I DID tell my parents about pending-grandparenthood before publishing this… I’m not a horrible person.)

I’ve had a vision of pregnancy for a while now… I’d slow down on nightlife and other general activities and write, write, write! Maybe drink some tea, while reaching new heights on the piano. Bond with my partner during this special time, and sing him sweet songs about our journey. WRONG. Thus far, my picture of growing a human has been, um….. inaccurate, to say the least. 1st Trimester was ROUGH! Every spare moment I had was spent in prone position, trying desperately to make the nausea stop. (BTW, sea bands are a joke. I recommend no bands, if you want to stop the spinning.) It was like being a narcoleptic with a festival-grade hangover for 2 months. Needless to say, there was approximately ZERO writing, MAYBE an hour of piano per week, and my guitar calluses got as soft as a baby’s cheek. (Sighhhhh…. babies…. :) )

It’s week 14 and I’ve never endured anything as trippy as this. There are times that it’s crippling, and yet, I’ve never felt more alive! I’m like a superhuman — enhanced senses and sensitivities with the heart of a beast! I can’t believe there are so many women walking casually amongst us who have been through this insane journey… Acting like it’s NOTHING! My theory is that birth erases your entire memory of the previous 40 weeks so that the human race will continue… (I’ll keep you posted on that. If I remember.)

However, I am told (great book to walk you through, BTW. Thanks to my gurrrl Mary for passing it along!) that the 2nd Trimester  is the honey-phase — the one that is so pleasant, it tricks you into going through with the whole thing. So, I’m going to do my best to meet my pre-pregnancy vision of pregnancy and write, record, and perform an EP about this crazy experience. Lord willing, we’ve got until January! I started this project today and have already written a song about the maternity store sending me to the plus-size store, where I’d be better suited. (True story.) Crossing my fingers that this energy lasts long enough to get it done….!!!

Until the next update, here’s a picture of Cletus the Fetus at 10.5 weeks to hold you over (So cute? So alien-like.):


**Cletus does not actually have rabbit feet. This picture only goes down/up to the knee. Whew!



  1. congrats!!! what an adorable little gummy bear <3

  2. Congratulations!!!! I am so sorry to hear your first trimester was not so joyous. I hope this second one is filled with enough health, happy and joyful moments it wipes out the past. Best wishes. Please keep us informed.


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