Cheerio, Athens and Hello, Nashville!

As I mentioned in my last post, 2013 has been spent seeking a band of musicians that sticks. Birds of Shame (BOS), my project with Reid, was born this year through that search, while BKC played a few shows here and there with hired guns. BOS has been a blast, but has turned into more of a writing project as a result of my pending move to Nashville, TN — THERE. I said it.

I’m moving to Nashville.

I love Athens, GA. This town has a heartbeat that can’t be matched by any place in the whole wide world. Athens has an amazing community of talented, humble musicians, who have more music venues to exercise their visions than Keith Richards has years of life. Beyond that, it’s small (but not tiny!), it’s cheap, it’s cultured, and the weather is beautiful. But after 4 great years of musician juggling, I need a new and bigger pool of warm, instrument-playing bodies from which to draw. And rumor has it that Nashville has at least a few musicians poking around….

So this is my final month in Athens. To prepare for the move, I’ve been trying to save up, so I haven’t been traveling with the band(s), but I have been playing with friends to enjoy the last few months we have living in the same town. A few weeks ago, I joined guys from Eddie & the Public Speakers, Half Dozen Brass Band, and JazzChronic to form a project called “Rick James Brown.” We had a blast covering all sorts of disco funk at Nowhere Bar in Athens. I’m joining the same group of musicians on October 31st to celebrate “Shag-o-ween,” a party with an Austin Powers Soundtrack backdrop (played live at Nowhere Bar!). Reid and I will be playing some BOS songs at DePalma’s on October 24th and on Saturday, I sang at a private tailgate with my boys in Craig Waters & the Flood. Otherwise, I’m just savoring every last moment I have here as a resident.

I can’t really wrap my head around saying an actual “goodbye” to Athens. I’ve spent time here my entire life and I still sort of think I’ll live here again at some point. I don’t want to make a final exit. However, I AM excited about Nashville! With every visit I meet interesting people and experience kewl places. I’ve got a nice place locked down in East Nashville, so I’m told musicians will be falling in my lap. It should just be a matter of time before I have some new things to talk about coming out of Tennessee!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! And come Shag-o-ween with us to help celebrate my last show here as an Athens resident! 😉


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