Strep Throat

SOOOoOOooooo I’ve pretty much been moving from sofa to bed in the same pair of yoga pants for the past few days. While strep throat is pretty miserable, I have gotten a lot of writing done! The antibiotics are working fast and with a little luck, I should be able to do something with these songs within the next couple of weeks when I meet with some new musical faces. Exciting things are coming down the pipe…. stay tuned. 😉

Georgia Throwdown

Festival Season is alive an well in Albany, GA! We had a blast playing a sweaty set at the fairgrounds, then sticking around to eat ribs and enormous turkey legs, and watch acts like Col. Bruce Hampton, Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, and Easton Corbin. The festival was run flawlessly — hats off to SoweGAFest! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here’s a review from the Albany Herald:

As always, we loved hanging out in South West Georgia and did not want to leave, but we had to make our way to Savannah for the next show. Looking forward to the next time…. 😉

Goodbye, Colorado! We’re Georgia bound!

WOW, what a couple of weeks!!! After raging the 40 Watt, we piled into the Suburban and hit the road to Colorado, with a trailer full of sleeping bags and equipment in tow. We drove straight to Denver, sleeping and driving in shifts, stopping only for gas and Kansas City BBQ (which was delicious)… 27 hours later, we pulled up and passed out on my friend’s basement floor in Colorful Colorado.

The shows kicked off in Aspen at the legendary Belly Up. The high altitude was quite apparent, to say the least! Holding notes on “Redwood Blues” and “Invisible Man” left me out of air and so lightheaded that I almost stumbled backstage to use the oxygen tank in the green room… so I guess they’re used to it! Despite the compromised singing, the crowd was amazing! We met some beautiful people from Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale and other nearby towns, who danced their faces off and hung out to welcome us after the set.

The next night we played the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Boulder. My old friends Scuba and Ben ran the lights and sound for us, which was incredible! The entire Fox staff was top notch! This is the only show we’ve ever played where the staff put our cases out and opened them, right by the trailer, so that all we had to do was walk off stage and out the backdoor and put away the instruments… how do we get to play shows like this all the time?! (Keep coming out, fans!!! We love you!!!) We opened for Tumbleweed Wanderers (check ’em out — new favorite!) and Angus Stone. Stone has such die-hard fans, there were people riding the stage for our set — and they listened!!! Let’s do that again soon…..

Quixotes in Denver was the next stop. This place is a maze of Grateful Dead paraphernalia, with 2 indoor stages, and 1 outdoor stage, colors everywhere, and a jolly staff of music lovers. We played the indoor stage, while a Grateful Dead cover band paid tribute outdoors. The Lindsey O’Brien Band from Fort Collins started the show and they were AWESOME… and so kewl! Def looking them up when we come back. Craig Waters & the Flood went next and showed Denver some serious southern blues. CWF is traveling with us and has played all of the shows, except for the Fox. They have been a delight on the road and have crushed the stage!

Last night we played Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins. The crowd was a little skimpy, but SUPER QUALITY! They danced and listened and heckled and we all had a BLAST! Again, I was surprised by old friends, who warmed my heart and raged the dance floor. We meant to leave right after our set, but accidently had a few extra Bulleits and laughs before heading back to Denver. Woops.

And here we are. I’m drinking my “morning” coffee and waiting on laundry, while the band slowly rises. Our last Colorado show is tonight at Three20South in Breckenridge. Needless to say, we do not want to leave! But alas, we’re Georgia bound. We’ll hit the road after the show tonight, happy to get back home to our dogs and lovers, but with a little bug in our stomaches called “Colorado,” just waiting to surface and pull us back soon…


BIG couple of weeks ahead, with our first 40 Watt show this Friday and our first Colorado tour!!!

40 Watt Club: We’ll be playing with future Athens legends Bear Left and Cotter Pen. To spice up our night, we’ve decided to have a cake raffle… you know, like at a country fair, but we won’t make you walk around in a circle. (You still can, if you want.) Each band is going to bake a cake that the first 100 people in the door are eligible to win! So, if you have a friend with a birthday that you’ve totally neglected, this is just the raffle for you. You’re welcome. (It’s sooooo rock-n-roll…) Also, we’ll be debuting our “You Look Like I Need a Drink” music video, which was filmed a couple of weeks ago at Whiskey Bent in Athens. If you want to see the beautiful young women and men of Athens wrestle in a sea of drunks and bar tar wearing their favorite jorts, you won’t want to miss this!

Overview: After Milledgeville (Amici) on Wednesday, Atlanta (Eddie’s Attic) on Thursday, and Athens (40 Watt) on Friday, we will begin our journey to Colorado for a 5 show run!!! We’re hitting Aspen, Breckenridge, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver (9/18-22) and 4 out of 5 of those shows will be backed by Craig Waters & the Flood! It’s a week in God’s country, followed by a week in God’s favorite place to vacation!

We’re a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll

Our friends at Nimbleslick alerted us to this nice write-up in today:

While we’ve considered ourselves more rock than anything this past year, the new material keeps flowing out in a more country direction, so it’s cool to see a country site check us out! We’ve still got some work ahead of us, but look out for tastes of our stuff throughout the fall… you might just get a little taste of country…  😉

Runnin’ on empty…

We had a killer week/end in the North East! Raised some money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital through Chili’s at Capital Ale House in Richmond, VA and 8X10 in Baltimore, MD, then raged The Dunes in DC, and finished with another fantastic NYC visit at Mercury Lounge!

We pulled into Athens late last night (early this morning – 4:30 AM), loaded out the gear and had just enough gas to get back home in time for sunrise. And now it’s back to the grind (before Asheville, Macon, Statesboro, and Savannah later this week…), which begins with our music video shoot for “YOU LOOK LIKE I NEED A DRINK” tomorrow! Anyone is welcome to come who wants to be on camera… 7 PM at Whiskey Bent on Clayton in Athens. See y’all there! In the meantime, we’ll be catching up on merch, emails, and working on the storyboard….!

You Look Like I Need a Drink

If you were to shoot a music video for our song “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” how would it go down? If you’re picturing a drunken bar scene with dancing, flirting, fighting, falling, singing, etc… then we’ll probably get along. That’s exactly how we see it.

If you want in on this party, give a holler, or just show up to Whiskey Bent on Clayton in DT Ath at 7 PM Tuesday 8/28. Drinks and merriment will be had, and jorts are highly encouraged.

Fall Tour Dates Announced!

Betsy Kingston & the Crowns: Blue Laws Fall Tour Dates – Round 1

  • 8/8   GA Theatre – Athens, GA
  • 8/17 Power Line – Damascus, GA
  • 8/18 Ashley Street Station – Valdosta, GA
  • 8/22 Capital Ale House – Richmond, VA
  • 8/23 The 8×10 – Baltimore, MD
  • 8/24 Growlers – Gaithersburg, MD
  • 8/25 Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
  • 8/29 One Stop – Asheville, NC
  • 8/30 The Hummingbird – Macon, GA
  • 8/31 Gata’s – Statesboro, GA
  • 9/1   Loco’s – Savannah, GA
  • 9/8   1102 – Augusta, GA
  • 9/13  Eddie’s Attic – Atlanta, GA
  • 9/14  40 Watt Club – Athens, GA
  • 9/20  Quixote’s True Blue – Denver, CO
  • 9/21  Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO
  • 9/22 Three20South – Breckinridge, CO

Our website is live!

We are super jazzed to have our brand new website up and running.  Come back for more as we keep it updated!