Late July Update

Oh hey! It’s been wayyyyyy too long! I just wanted to give all of you internet-savvy-supporters out there a cyber-shout-out and an update.

Reid and I are still going strong — building our new project and writing new songs. We are REALLY excited about it, despite the fact we are still mulling over a band name…. (blughhhhhh!!!) While the band name has been a struggle, the song writing has not in the least — that part has been a breeze! Reid and I are getting anxious to play the new stuff for an audience. We’ve got songs of love and sorrow… murder and suicide… encouragement and new beginnings…. you know… all of the good things! 😉 We are going to play a few shows in GA in August and September as [insert band name here] and BKC is going to lay out for a little while to allow this new project to splash around.

So, that’s the latest! Check up on our show dates and hopefully we’ll see you soon!


Thick Rimmed Short Shorts, etc.

What’s in a name? Enough weight that Reid and I cannot settle on a single one for our new project. We have been through soooo many!!! Some of our proposed band names have been more “side-project worthy,” and some are more jokes (or totally corny) to get the juices flowing, but so far we don’t feel drawn to ANYTHING. So, I thought I’d share this extraordinarily long (edited) list of unextraordinary names with y’all…. if for nothing else than to make you laugh.

Mossy Grandeur

Mossy Halo

Red Clay Rose


Hornbeam Spotlight

Catfish Koolaide

Honeysuckle Heartthrobs

Heartstring Fiddlers

Magnolia Mo(u)rning

Bream Shot

Front Porch Patsies

The Glittery Raw


Elation Nation

Kudzu Keepers

Coon Hounds of Pound Town

Drowning Juleps

Piedmont Primers

Whiskey Quarry

Whiskey or Against Me

Lazy Bullets

Apathetic Arrowheads

Magnolia Monarchs

Angels’ Share

The Everyday Fridays

The Modern Pines

King Strip

Strip King

Memory of Elizabeth Reid (jk… that’ll be our female fronted Allman Bros Tribute Project)

Reid’n Rainbow

Kings Can’t Reid

Sweat Tooth

Ragtop Royalty


Blue Ceilings

Dirt Nap

Lawd Child

Soul Baby

Priest Funk


Loan Shark

Dirty Falcon

Shark Set


Snuffaluffagus Loves Cookie Monster

Shark Fangs

Bavid Dowie

Cool Nephew

Little Hammer

Wolf Shark

Wife Mother

Mission Position

Carr Nagle

Car Bagle

Boogie Board

Chess Test


Firecracker Rebellion

The Swarm


Cobblestone Cotillion




Solumn Joy



Den Mother

Shark Den

IV League

The Outta Townies

See the Sights

Our Shark Parlor


Make Some Moves

Make a Few Moves

Call Me

Little Buzz

Little (anything)

Rock Lettuce

Little Stranger

Little Moves

Little Shark

Animal Names.

Shark List

Wildcat Correspondence

Pasty Pat and the Fang Bangers

Paper Hanger

Diesel Bear

Disco Tin

Buzzard Truck

Cornfield Cadillac

Pay Wagon

Pregnant Rollerskate

Signal 7

Suicide Jockey

Sow Belly


Yard Goat



Fat Cats

Hang Around Nellie

Harvey Wallbanger

Hungry Heifer



Nullified Prophesy

Hungry Hungry Rhino

Thick Rimmed Short Shorts

High and Tight

The Long Forever

Bottomless Summer

Pale Moonlight

Phosphor Bronze

Bath Time

Objective Correlative

Threads of Gold

Shadows of Hawks

Scanty Gains

Web of Silver

Web of Roses

Soft as Water

Highborn Dames

Cigar Candy

Idle Fingers

Thoughtless Heart

Dyed in Purple

Enforced Privilege

Dyed Baby Blue

Honest Knave

Died Empty

Honest Burden

Ripe for Pleasure

Jealous Moon

Hallowed Reeds

Cold Mouth

Cunning Bronze

Ripe Phrases

Ripe Fever

Vintage Burden

Reeling Earth

Vintage Honey

Raw Honey

Modern Vintage

Lada Honey

Cathead Honey

Stomping Grounds


Cooler Snake

Peaches and Dream

Cold Rebel Darlings

Rough Draught

Young & Grey

Weary Youth

Snake Charms


Bale Bonds

Tan Lions

Tan Lines

Darned Heart

The Sunset Darlings

Bated Breath

Pocket Doves



Rays of Day

Baby Gravy

Dip Cup

Rattling Heart

Late Night Cotillion

Contempt & Suspicion

Show Pony

Velvet Vintage

Vintage Dusk

The Past Lives

Heartbroken Lovechild

Group Sneeze

Heart Rattle

Dirt Bike


Vinyl Citing (our DJ project)


Taxidermy Burden

Hollow Point

Parlor Patrons

Slippery Elm

Psychic Types

Psychic Brisket

Love Laundry

Redheaded Lovechild

Mall Walkers

The New Mall

Jumpy Ghethers

Sudden Storm

Obviously, my vote is somewhere between Dip Cup and Cool Nephew, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. In the meantime, PLEEEEEEEEEASE HIT US UP WITH SUGGESTIONS!!! 😛


And the livin’ is easy…

SUMMER IS HERE!!! Reid and I are spending the days sweating over our guitars and the nights experimenting with a full band in the cool (seriously, the weather is frighteningly good this year!) Athens air. We’re being extremely selective with the shows that we play, so that we can perfect our new stuff and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!

Friday (5/31), we’ll play a 2 hour set for Blues, Jazz, & BBQ on River Street in Savannah, debuting (with a full band) several of our new ones, some old familiars, and couple of new covers (we may or may not be covering some Adele… pray for me!!!) that should fit the scene. We will then head to Damascus (Saturday, 6/1) for Briar Patch Music Festival to kick up some dust with my favorite SoWeGA peeps PLUS some other regional band buddies (check out the line-up!)! Then we will return to Athens to further perfect the new songs for their hometown introduction at AthFest Music & Art Festival (Friday 6/21)… GET EXCITED!!! 😀


  • My man Gnarly G will not only be featured on the sax, but will also be sprinkling some FLUTE flavor over these tasty sets!
  • To hold down the party beat, we’re borrowing Alex Scarborough from JuBee & the Morning After!
  • Arguably the best bassist in town/the world, Paul Lee is going to thump for us. I can’t even list all of the people with whom he has played… Abby Owens Band, Stewart & Winfield, Isaac Bramblett, Betsy Franck, JazzChronic, Big C & the Velvet Delta, Clay Leverett & the Chasers….
  • My friend and neighbor is letting us steal Chandler Coats on keys! I hear Craig Waters & the Flood practice every Sunday, so he must’ve expected this would happen someday…
  • And of course, my new musical bff, Reid Stripling (click link above for his website and check out the past couple of blogs for a little more on our story) on the gitbox.

So, again, I’m super pumped for this season! The way it’s going, the fall should be EXPLOSIVE! Hope to see y’all this weekend/month!!!


*BTW, still need a name for the new project!!! Please hit us with some ideas!!!

Sneak Peek for Savannah Eyes Only – Shhhhhh!!!

Hey, remember Mr. Craigslist? Well, that’s still happening. In fact, we’ve been enjoying writing with each other sooooo much, that we are working on a new project together! It will be a major change from BKC, but it will still be a full-band act with all sorts of vox and lyrics from yours truly. The big difference is that Reid is going to sing a lot too! And you should be seeing a lot more of my guitar on stage in the future… (yikes!)

This new project is still in the works (name suggestions….? anyone….?), but we’ve already tackled some songs that we’re pretty excited about. One is a duet that we wrote on our first “date!” We don’t have anything recorded to offer yet, BUT we’ve got an idea…. BKC is scheduled to play at Mojo’s Juke Joint on River Street in Savannah next Friday (4/26), but we’re thinking that since so many of our favorite people (who have supported us from the beginning! thank you!) reside in this beautiful city, we’d like to give y’all a little sneak peek of the new act! We think you’ll enjoy getting a taste of this — we’re really stoked to try it out in one of our favorite places!

So, come on out to Mojo’s and catch a glimpse! Then, help us come up with a name….!!!! 😉




Mr. Craigslist & Writing Dates

A couple of months ago I was trolling craigslist for musicians and I stumbled upon a post that looked almost exactly like mine — a lead guy who has a bunch of songs and an album who just needs a few musicians to stick around for more than 1 gig at a time! Obviously, this guy didn’t have anything to offer me, but I felt compelled to listen to his music, perhaps out of sympathy for his oh-so-familiar plight, or perhaps because the post implied a fierce love for some solid pedal steel, which all decent people can get behind….. Either way, I clicked on the link and listened, and I LOVED it! I wrote him to say so and found that he had blindly replied to my craigslist post as well! We got in touch and decided to talk about the biz and our bands and our struggles and visions and dreams and all things music over a beer that week. And as is known to happen, one beer led to another, and we agreed to get together to WRITE. ………!!!!!!!!!

For all of you non-writers out there, let me just tell you, co-writing is tricky. It doesn’t always work. Like so many elements of music, co-writing heavily relies on chemistry, which is why it’s always awkward to dive into a “writing date.” Nevertheless, I do. All. The. Freaking. Time. And it can get WEIRD. And not always in a kewl way. You basically get together with a stranger and say,

“Um, here’s a bunch of insanely personal stuff that I have scribbled into the art of song with my skillz that you might think totally suck and I can’t figure out how to sing it or play it in a way that I’m proud of, so I’m going to do that for you now, loudly, and wait for your awkward compliment-sandwich to follow with possible suggestions that I think are the lamest ideas I’ve ever heard, but I will politely humor you by trying them out or I’ll try to find some subtle way to say that I’d rather not ever hear another suggestion out of your stupid mouth about my music, which I think is FANFREAKINGTASTIC WITHOUT YOU!!! …..B-T-Dubs, do you mind dogs, because mine will be sniffing you throughout the duration of this engagement.”

I like to be forced out of my writing comfort-zone and I like my songs enhanced by other perspectives. However, I do not like to be pushed so far out of my zone that I have no idea where my song is and/or how to get back to it. And that happens a lot, because while it’s nice for a co-writer to be on a different page, you have to at least be reading a book in the same language!

So, back to Mr. Craigslist. He came over and we began the uncomfortable process of getting emotionally naked in front of each other, with only a few emails and a couple of beers under our belts. And it was AWESOME! We cranked out a song in 2 quick sessions, with a few other raw skeletons left to be workshopped, which we have since revisited. I am thoroughly enjoying writing with someone so talented and I’m eager to share some of the new stuff soon. So stay tuned! And in the meantime, check Mr. Craigslist out:

Reid Stripling




Bangin’! (Cheesy Girly Post)

The other day my hot water tank tanked. I burled through a quick shower, but couldn’t tolerate washing my hair, so I hollered at my fave stylist (Allie Johnson – Emporium Salon on Lumpkin – holla!) and asked if she would provide this service…. yada yada yada… I left with bangs.

I’m generally the sort of person who is not going to do ANYTHING to my hair. I’ve had so many stylists say “oh, yeah, I understand! All you need to do is a quick blow dry and rub in this product….” Wrong. I mean, NOTHING. So this impulsive decision to have bangs is sort of rocking my world. I can’t just jump out of the shower and go. Even brushing them and letting them air dry is risky. So I feel like this is a total game changer! Do I also have to dress differently and listen to music a little bit more poppy…?

We’ll see how long it lasts. I might just grow them out immediately (which would be more out of laziness than a conscious decision… let’s be real here.) and start pinning them back. But I’d like to give it a whirl. One thing is certain — there will DEF be a photo shoot before they go away! 😉






Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Outta Hand?

With their bellies full of Christmas cheer (and/or regret…), a hearty handful of Georgia’s Finest will top off the holiday with a night of Outlaw Country Music on Lumpkin Street tonight. The Georgia Theatre is hosting “Outlaws In The Round,” featuring members of Bear Left, Eddie & the Public Speakers, Efren, Evan Barber & the Dead Gamblers, Mama’s Love, Saint Francis, Sweet Knievel, Rans Thomas & Friends, and of course, yours truly. Here’s a preview of our tentative set list, with singers in parentheses:

1.Good Hearted Woman (Thomas Galloway, Bo Hembree)
2.Mama Tried (John Polar Bear Burke)
3.Folsom Prison/T for Tx (Rans Thomas)
4.Jackson (BH, Betsy Kingston)
5.How I Got to Memphis (Evan Barber)
6.Prisoner’s Song (Jonathan Brill)
7.Nowhere Road (TG, BK)
8.Joy (BK)
9.I’m a Ramblin’ Man (BH)
10.Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way (Scott Low)
11.Don’t You Think This Outlaw Biz… (RT)
12.The Ride (JPB)
13.I’m Still In Love With You (EB, BK)
14.Juanita (EB)
15.She’s All I Got (TG)
16.Long Black Veil (JB)
17.Wayside/Back In Time (BK)
18.Outlaw Women (BH)
19.Dinosaur (RT)
20.Dollar Bill Blues (SL)
21.Oo Las Vegas (TG, BK)
22.Ramblin’ (EB)
23.Angel from Montgomery (RT, BK)
24.Out of My System (JB)
25.Workin’ Man Blues (BH)
26.To Live is to Fly (EB)
27.Ring of Fire (JPB)
28.Gotta get Drunk (SL)
29.It Wasn’t God… Honky Tonk Angels (BK)
30.Please Come to Boston (EB)
31.You Never Call Me By My Name (RT)
32.You Ain’t Woman Enough… (BK)
33.In Spite of Ourselves (BH, BK)
34.Lonesome, Ornery and Mean (BH)
35.Redneck Mother (Rackley Davis)

Y’all come drink some brown liquor with us tonight and see if we stick to it…. 😉


‘Tis the season…

As I scroll through my facebook “newsfeed,” I see posts about tacky Christmas parties, families lighting their menorahs, prayers for sick, or injured siblings, condolences to the bereaved, anger and sorrow about the shooting in CT (and projected legislation – ughhh), birth announcements, stress about gift shopping… December really has a talent for bringing out the good and the ugly.

Since I graduated high school, this month tends to bring out my darkness. I always enjoy Christmas day, but I get caught up in the stress and expectation of the day and I get disgusted with the materialism it brings. And maybe I also get a little bit of seasonal depression – less light is tough for us nocturnal types! But this year, I’m determined to be different. I’m determined to shape the world in a way that I want to see it and I’m going to do it my way. Instead of rolling my eyes when I go to the grocery store and hear horrible pop-renditions of “O, Holy Night,” I’m giggling about the fact that so many people actually enjoy it and loving the fact that it’s out there for them. I erected my first tree (at my house, not my parents’), but bought it from a charity for the hearing-impaired, so I didn’t feel like a sucker, and strung up some old ornaments that my friend’s family donated. I’ve spent hours working on special, semi-homemade gifts (can’t reveal online! ;)), and I even sent out Christmas cards. (The special few get to see my dog on their refrigerators allllllllll month! You’re welcome.) And when that darkness hits (I can’t control everything…), I hide in my room and write until the demons are gone. (Look forward to some serious rock-n-roll in 2013 – ha!)

So, it’s going to be a good month after all. I invite you to share in The Jolly with me, wherever you are, and hopefully we can outweigh the inevitable gloom, and instead be merry!


PS: CONGRATULATIONS to Nimbleslick agent JUSTIN WILLIS for finally sealing the deal with his high school sweetheart last night! What a perfect night to spend with a team of agents that feels more like family! :)


A Dark and Dreamy Tune…

Here’s a taste (my lyrics below) of one we worked on yesterday. The guitar part has a dark, rock’n’roll soul, with a tender heart… should turn out pretty nice. 😉


So I sit here wide awake

With a stomach ache

With my love by my side

Watching the moon light

The season’s first frost

Through the hole in the blinds

Waiting for sleep

With the passing of time

With my love by my side

With my love by my side

Deep dreams cast in his sleeping mind…





Things get hot with this much chillin’

After raging Satisfied in Savannah, the band returned home in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning to feast and nap with our friends and family. From there, the past couple of weeks have been nothing but turkey and chillin’! Oh yeah… and writing. A lot.

I’ve been piecing together tunes with some new friends on guitar, drums, and organ (that’s right… ORGAN. B3 in ya face! UH!) here in Athens and getting STOKED for the new year! This time off the road should be able to produce a new album’s-worth of material to bust out in 2013, so get ready… BKC’s gearing up to show-off our makeover for Round 2!

♥ BK