Rock-a-bye Baby Blues

Everybody tells you about how hard being a mom will be, but they always make it seem like it’s the parenting that’s the problem.  It’s not the baby — it’s everything else. It’s figuring out how to be a human again, when all you want to do is watch your 15 week old try to grab something for 2 hours. Then during nap time, feverishly figuring out how to do all of the mounds of laundry that somehow an infant creates, pay the bills, feed the dog, call the AC people, then abruptly stop everything to go feed the crying child with your body, then repeat. All day. Then, finally, he’ll be asleep for the night and you’ll have the time to work on your stuff. Or work out. Or hang out with your husband. Or eat something that’s not a PB&J for the first time that day. But…. you won’t. Because, you’ll be so braindead that the most energy you can muster will be to drink half a glass of wine while watching a show that you used to think was stupid, before passing out without brushing your teeth.

Or at least that’s my life lately. Mad props to all of the supermoms out there taking care of their babies, personal hygiene and careers! And, also, go jump in a lake.* Sure, I write snippets. I’m not a complete stick in the mud.* Usually, I “write” by singing into my voice memo app. Songs like this:

I’m leaving you for the baby

Ain’t nothing you can do to contain me

I’m past the point of saving

And this will be the last thing you can blame on me

See how I rhymed “me” with “me” back there? All this and more coming out of this songbird lately! Whatever. It sounds kind of cute in my head. It might be something later, so just cut me some slack.* (I might be talking to myself at this point…)

After reading that verse (or chorus?), you’re probably like, “Um… problems at home…?” OF COURSE. I feel like a whale, there’s spit-up all over me and the furniture, and I can barely form a sentence without speaking in baby-voice. Needless to say, the honeymoon phase is over. Thank the good Lord above that we have a rock solid foundation, because you know what DOESN’T fix a marriage…? It rhymes with “maybe,”** as in “maybe we should use birth control until we are 100% sure we won’t kill each other when we haven’t slept, or bathed, or NEEDED to use birth control for weeks…” (Look! We’re rhyming better already!)

Otherwise, life is good! The part I enjoy is hanging out with the baby and I get to do that for most of the day! He’s adorable and amazing and there has never been another one like him since the dawning of man. Those are facts. And every day I get to wake up to his beautiful toothless grin! His latest hobbies are chewing on his hands, assisted squatting, and spit-bubbles. He also loves this piano thing that my parents got him, so, every once in a while, we’ll have a “jam session.” It’s mostly just a session.

BK, IV piano 5-4-15

Anyway, starting now, I’m going to try to be a real, live human in the world. My self-designated maternity leave has come to an end and I’m ready to get my head back in the game of music. My husband has enabled me to take this path through his own career choice to work at home to help share the (lovable) load, so, all jokes aside, he’s pretty much Husband of the Year. The writing is about to get serious, y’all!

By the way…. THANK YOU*** for all of the listens and purchases of “Barefoot & Pregnant” over the past few months!!! Makes me tear up just thinking about it!




*I say things like “go jump in a lake” now that I’m a mom.

**If you guessed “baby,” you are correct! You win nothing, but the valuable lesson above. Congratulations.

***:::PLUG::: For those of y’all who haven’t had a chance to hear “Barefoot & Pregnant” the EP… it’s still up for grabs on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and just about any other digital vendor you can think of!

Both of my “Labors of Love” are 1 Month Old!

I cannot believe that my teeny-tiny-little-precious-bundle-of-joy is 1 ENTIRE MONTH OLD! It has been insane, but it’s a stale story, as every single mother on the planet has the exact same sleepless, yet rewarding experience. And this website is built for my music, so let’s talk about that! (BTW, RE: sleepless nights… the most comforting words I’ve heard were from fellow-musician, Betsy Franck, which were (paraphrased), “I used to be up at weird hours doing dumb stuff with the band… now it’s just sober with an infant!”)

Baby Owen being 1 month old means that it has been one month since I hit the release “button” on my EP, “Barefoot & Pregnant.” (Side note, I officially released it when I went into labor, which was the day before he was born instead of the actual date… bummer!) I sing a couple of the songs to Owen when I’m trying to calm him, and I like to think he already knows the words from helping me create them in the womb… Maybe? Anyway, it works. As far as non-baby reactions go, I have been completely humbled hearing how much people have enjoyed the songs. I had a blast working on them and recording them, and while I intended to do so much more (like make a music video — how funny would that have been?!), it feels good to have these 4 songs completed and out there!

Barefoot & Pregnant Cover Art -small

If you’ve had a chance to take a listen, please hit me up with your feedback – I’d love to hear from you, especially since my adult-interaction has been severely limited for the past month! 😉 And if you haven’t had a chance to take a listen, please do! “Barefoot & Pregnant” is available through just about any digital vendor you can think of, so take your pick!

Here are a few links:


Amazon Music

Google Play

And here is a complete list of where you can find “Barefoot & Pregnant”:

  • YouTube Music Key
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  • ClaroMusica

Y’all enjoy it! And for those of you who missed the “announcement card,” featuring my sweet, little one, here ya go:

COM IV in guitar b and w




And Now, We Wait…

“Barefoot & Pregnant” is recorded, mixed, mastered and ready to be released, as soon as Cletus the Fetus is ready to come out of the womb! (Due date is 1/11, which is THIS SUNDAY!!!)

Despite the pressure of my beach ball belly, I had so much fun laying everything down with Country Music Aficionado, Joe Caverlee (who, like most of these guys, is too kewl to have a website, but I’ll try to link y’all some info anyway! 😉 ), and his boys at Pat Lassiter Productions! This EP will feature Caverlee on fiddle and background vocals, Lassiter on bass, Tim Galloway on guitar(s), Steve Poole on keys, Rusty Danmyer on pedal steel, and William Ellis on drums. The studio experience was amazing! I knew exactly how I wanted the songs to sound, so I was geared up to micromanage, but between my vision and Joe’s direction, these guys knew exactly what to do! I’ve never had so much fun watching the music in my head manifest! At 37 weeks pregnant, it was tough to hold notes, but Joe and Pat had a great sense of humor about it and enjoyed catching Cletus move like an alien as we reviewed tracks. (We never figured out if movement meant the baby liked what we were doing or not.)

BK 37 weeks in studio BW

The few people who have heard these songs liken them to older country acts. The first day in the studio, Will came out from behind the drums and said something along the lines of, “man, I didn’t know I’d get to play some of that Lynn-Presley-Musgraves-Haggard music today!” We all laughed and I’m still blushing. I love that stuff and I am on cloud 9 knowing that I have the team to help me make it happen from here on out! (Again, thank you, Rans, for introducing me to these guys!) I’m guessing there will be a lot more “vintage country” to come…

So, now we wait! As soon as I go into labor, I’ll click the magic icon and release “Barefoot & Pregnant” on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Rdio, and pretty much anywhere else you’d ever go to to get your music digitally. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later…. I’m pretty sure I heard Cletus laughing as I bent over in an attempt to shave my legs in shower last night. Needless to say, it was a half-baked job.

Whenever you’re ready, pal….


Performing at 35 Weeks and Other Adventures

Today marks 30 days until the due date! I may eat my words (and everything else in the house), but thus far, I LIKE the 3rd trimester! Sure, it’s nearly impossible to put on and take off boots and everything I wear is black and involves spandex, which makes it super hard to find clothes in a hurry, but, otherwise, the physical inconvenience isn’t so bad, because now I’m USED to feeling weird! I gave up trying to feel normal months ago, and I think that giving-in is half the battle. Plus, I’m so obviously “with child” now that I can get away with ANYTHING — I space out mid-song during rehearsals and leave to shove cold pizza down my throat… Snap mercilessly at my husband for no reason… get up to take walks in the middle of boring sermons… — and NO ONE calls me out, because “Awwww, she’s pregnant!” I might also be too brain-dead to realize how much it sucks right now… but, whatever the reason, I’m actually ENJOYING it!

In other news, “Barefoot & Pregnant” is ready to be recorded! This weekend I got to play a few of the new songs with my buddy Mac Leaphart in a short, acoustic set. Singing and playing in the cold at 35 weeks pregnant is not conducive to the most impressive performance chops-wise, but it was so much fun! There’s no better way to see the true personality a song until it is played in front of a live audience.

Betsy & Mac 12/6/14

Betsy & Mac 12/6/14


Now, I feel totally confident taking these songs into the studio on Monday! I’m ripping off my friend, Country-Crooner Rans Thomas, and working with the same guys with whom he recorded his latest EP, because I had such a fantastic time with them on the bit that I sang (y’all check out his tunes — “Tracks on the Train,” especially! 😉 ) in August, and I think this team will be the perfect fit. It’s all going down next week.

So, after it’s recorded, the art is done, and the business side is in order, Cletus the Fetus is allowed to become a human child, who breathes air like the rest of us. Until then, this baby better enjoy the great, dark dwelling s/he currently calls “home!”



The Joys of Nap– I Mean, Pregnancy.

As I mentioned in my last post, pregnancy has not been what I expected as far as productivity is concerned. So, one funny thing about being “with child” is all of the mothers who say to me, “Oh, I just LOVED being pregnant!” …. Really? What was your life LIKE before?! I mean, the other day I woke up, ate breakfast and sat down to write. I was barely tuned and warmed up when my phone rang in the next room. By the time I could retrieve my phone from under the pile of clean laundry that waited for me on the sofa, I had missed the call. A couple of hours later, a text message woke me up from an apparent spontaneous nap on top of now-wrinkled linens. It was noon and I still hadn’t brushed my teeth.

Obligatory pregant-selfie at 22 weeks.

Obligatory pregant-selfie at 22 weeks.

(Please enjoy this obligatory pregnant-selfie.)

And this is the second trimester, a.k.a. the “babymoon” phase! Don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely ELATED and HONORED to have the privilege to bring a child into this world by way of my own body. What an incredible journey the universe has invited me to travel! Every time Cletus the Fetus kicks, I am overjoyed. I’m ecstatic! It’s really amazing. I’m actually getting weepy just writing about it! (Hormones.)

But, as far as progress on the EP goes, it is SLOW MOVING. I would have thought I’d be recording and/or playing out these new sounds by now. Having said that, I have a ton of raw material! I’m writing all sorts of stuff! I have songs about being madly in love with my husband for no reason… songs about how I passionately hate my husband for no reason… songs about all of the weird, perverted dreams I have… songs about the things that are most important to me these days, like macaroni and cheese…. y’know… all things pregnancy. So, if I can actually get enough of these songs up to par before our little blessing arrives (and preferably before I’m too big and swollen to play a guitar), we’ll have some new tunes to hear!

Now, just to make you laugh, here’s a shot of the “nursery” so far:

The "nursery" 4 months out.

The “nursery” 4 months out.

(As it turns out, we’re horrible at “nesting.” And, yes. That is Hannah Montana. (Thank you, Kirby and Kelly! 😉 )

Cletus & the Lofty EP

Remember that thing I said about having more than one agenda here in Nashville? “Blah, blah, blah music, and oh yeah, also, motherhood…” Well, it seems we are on our way! For those of you who did not notice my lack of bourbon during my latest performance of “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” thank you for actually listening. And for those of you who took note of my sobriety (Mom!)*, let me go ahead and confirm for you that I do, in fact, have a bun in the oven. (*I DID tell my parents about pending-grandparenthood before publishing this… I’m not a horrible person.)

I’ve had a vision of pregnancy for a while now… I’d slow down on nightlife and other general activities and write, write, write! Maybe drink some tea, while reaching new heights on the piano. Bond with my partner during this special time, and sing him sweet songs about our journey. WRONG. Thus far, my picture of growing a human has been, um….. inaccurate, to say the least. 1st Trimester was ROUGH! Every spare moment I had was spent in prone position, trying desperately to make the nausea stop. (BTW, sea bands are a joke. I recommend no bands, if you want to stop the spinning.) It was like being a narcoleptic with a festival-grade hangover for 2 months. Needless to say, there was approximately ZERO writing, MAYBE an hour of piano per week, and my guitar calluses got as soft as a baby’s cheek. (Sighhhhh…. babies…. :) )

It’s week 14 and I’ve never endured anything as trippy as this. There are times that it’s crippling, and yet, I’ve never felt more alive! I’m like a superhuman — enhanced senses and sensitivities with the heart of a beast! I can’t believe there are so many women walking casually amongst us who have been through this insane journey… Acting like it’s NOTHING! My theory is that birth erases your entire memory of the previous 40 weeks so that the human race will continue… (I’ll keep you posted on that. If I remember.)

However, I am told (great book to walk you through, BTW. Thanks to my gurrrl Mary for passing it along!) that the 2nd Trimester  is the honey-phase — the one that is so pleasant, it tricks you into going through with the whole thing. So, I’m going to do my best to meet my pre-pregnancy vision of pregnancy and write, record, and perform an EP about this crazy experience. Lord willing, we’ve got until January! I started this project today and have already written a song about the maternity store sending me to the plus-size store, where I’d be better suited. (True story.) Crossing my fingers that this energy lasts long enough to get it done….!!!

Until the next update, here’s a picture of Cletus the Fetus at 10.5 weeks to hold you over (So cute? So alien-like.):


**Cletus does not actually have rabbit feet. This picture only goes down/up to the knee. Whew!


Nashville: Because the World Needs Happy Beasts.

I’d like to clear something up for all of those rooting for me out there. Because I know that your advice is genuine and I appreciate it. Truly and deeply. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) But, I think you might be misguided. So, please, let me clarify…

People keep telling me (unprompted) not to get discouraged by all of the talent in Nashville and that not everyone “makes it.” Thanks for the advice, y’all, but your perception of Nashville through my eyes could not be farther from the truth — I am FAR from discouraged! In fact, it’s the opposite — I feel INCREDIBLY ENCOURAGED!

I now live in a town where it’s more unusual to meet someone who is not tied to the music industry. It seems like everyone here has a little, artsy beast inside of them, hungry for more than their hometown can provide. They’re all in Nashville, searching for that musical sustenance! And if a person is not in the music industry, his girlfriend is. Or maybe his uncle. But NO ONE can escape it! This is a town where even the most formal Christian denominations have a service with guitars and a drum kit. A town that expects people to have more than one job, whether it’s bar tending and singing, or publishing and real estate. What this means is that no matter where I go, and no matter what I’m doing, I get to talk about, and participate in, the thing that drives me most — MUSIC! I guess I see it like living in the dorms in college — everyone complained about them, but I saw the dorms as an entire building full of people my age with AT LEAST one major thing in common…. therefore, how could it not be fun?! (and it WAS fun! maybe too much fun… 😉 )

Now let’s address that other thing. The idea of “making it.” I’ve had this discussion with a lot of musician friends and most of us seem to believe, as my friend Mac Leaphart so simply stated (as we stood in our matching t-shirts awaiting generic white plates of ordered food to serve our patrons), “it’s relative.” 

My personal definition:

MAKING IT = Singing and performing my own songs to an appreciative audience.

Ideally, this would be how I make a living (which becomes the sticky part), but as long as I never have to stop writing and performing, I believe that I will be fulfilled. It’s that simple! To me, the music industry casualties are not the 60 year-olds flipping burgers and gigging every Saturday. It’s the “successful” banker, or the insurance salesman who hates her job and no longer takes the time to sit down with a pen and paper, nor her guitar. Of course, what I’m really projecting here is happiness. I am absolutely not declaring War on the White Collars! Especially since most people have more than one life-objective (I, for example, also want to be a mom), which means juggling will be required. But, I think, no matter what path a musician chooses, it’s his/her obligation to keep the inner-beast fed.

And that’s why I am encouraged by this town! Nashville has an endless feast of opportunity that I feel will always offer me ways to stay satisfied. So, I am PUMPED on my new residence! Eat your heart out, you happy beasts!

happy beast


My First Nashville House Party

Tonight marks the beginning of week 3 as a Nashville resident! So far, I’m loving it!

Weeks 1 and 2 have been spent meeting musicians, writers, ASCAP representatives, agents, and other random people in the music industry. Mostly, these people are friends-of-friends, or even friends-of-acquaintances and, similar to blind writing dates, you never quite know what to expect when you show up for the casual “drink” with these strangers! It’s always awkward to put people in this position…

“Hey, we’ve never met, and you’ve never even heard my name, and really, I’m barely friends with the person who gave me your info, but I’m new to town, soooo wanna spend your hard-earned spare time hanging out with me and sharing all of your industry secrets?” ::::flashes big smile::::

Some people don’t write back. Some people write back saying, “Welcome! You’ll love it here,” completely ignoring the part about how I asked them to meet for coffee. Some people enthusiastically write back with nothing but exclamation points and smiley-faces and invite me to their show, then drop off of the face of the earth when I respond that I, unfortunately, am unable to attend “this time.”

But “Chip” (for the purposes of this blog) was different. An Athens friend recommended that I holler at this fantastic musician who played the Green Room a few months ago. So I sent a request to this guy through facebook and he hit me back immediately! Chip was eager to welcome me to Nashville. He texted me in response to my fb message and invited me to a party. “Hey! Welcome!! I’d LOVE to get coffee sometime!!! Are you free this week?! We’re all going to a house party on Friday and you should come!!!” Of course I accepted his kind invitation. He even followed-up on Thursday to make sure it was a go AND offered to give me a seat to the party in his band-van full of friends! And the party was all the way across town by the college!

Given his enthusiasm and my general knowledge of heterosexual boys and girls, I was a little hesitant to ask if it was kewl to bring my other half, but he excitedly responded, “the more the merrier!” … Was this a cult recruiting party? It didn’t matter. This was week 1 1/2 for me and I was in no position to turn down invitations. My man and I got a six-pack of PBR and headed toward Belmont.

A couple of blocks away we found cars lining streets and we could already hear music. We parked and began walking. I was impressed to see all of the license plates from different states. “I wonder what that’s about,” I thought. As we approached the house, a guy was standing on the front porch ordering people to go around back to the basement entrance. He seemed cranky. (There’s always that roommate.) Along the side of the house and all the way to the backyard, people were making out, relieving themselves in bushes, having very loud heart-to-hearts, laughing so loudly, you’d think they’d never heard a joke… it reminded me of college.

I should take a moment now to say that it has been a few years since I became the proud recipient of a B.A. in English (thus, my extensive prowess in the service industry…) and my man is a few years older than me. While we still “party like rockstars” on occasion, it’s usually in a public forum to avoid the risk and hassle of finding vomit on your living room floor, or some random girl passed out with her shoes on in your bed, or your bathroom looking like it belongs in a dive bar at 4 AM on a Saturday night.

OK, back to the story.

Making my way to the basement, I started asking people if they knew where I might find Chip, who had gone dark on me. No one seemed to know him. I plowed through and found a PACKED basement, lined with Christmas lights and a five piece band in the back-center. The barn-like basement doors were wide open to the freezing-cold night, but everyone was sweating bullets and dancing their skinny jeans off. The band was incredible! It was impressive they were even able to play, given how much the audience was crowding them and bumping into the necks of their guitars. But the musicians were not even phased! How could they forgive the crowd’s recklessness with all of that nice equipment?

Nashville House Party

Then it hit me. The making-out in the bushes… the cranky roommate… the out-of-state license plates… the carpool across town… the general disconnect associated with the price of instruments… THIS WAS A COLLEGE PARTY! Chugging the last bit of my warm PBR, I pushed my way inside to find the bathroom. The interior of the house was exactly what I expected. (See paragraph 8.) I joined the jumbled line of underagers in the hallway.

“Hey! I like your feather earring!!! It is sooooo kewl! I love feather stuff,” said the pretty girl with Amy Winehouse eye make-up, who was working diligently to earn her Freshman 15, 1 Busch Light at a time.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Where ya from?!”

“I just came from Athens.”

“Oh awesome!!! I’ve heard Athens is, like, really kewl!!! Did you love it?!”

“Yeah, it was great.”

“I reallllly want to visit there sometime. Like, soon!!! So, what year are you?!”


Oblivious to my insecurities, she jumped out of the bathroom line and ran down stairs squealing, “O-M-G, this is my FAVORITE SONG!!!!”

Eventually, it became my turn for the bathroom (which surprisingly had working plumbing AND toilet paper) and I worked my way back downstairs to meet Chip, just in time to hear the 3rd band cover a song by The Whigs. Chip was all that I expected. Super friendly, and young, but WAY more mature than I was in my college years. We had a couple of warm beers (crossing my fingers that he’s at least 21…), talked music, and went our separate ways with plans to meet up again soon.

All together it was a fantastic night! Belmont college parties are similar to the ones that I attended in my college years, except for that they all are smart enough to wear earplugs and the bands are MUCH better! On the way back to the car, the cranky roommate sarcastically yelled, “Oh, hey, thanks for coming, guys! Hope you had a great time! At MY house!!!” We replied in all sincerity, “You know what? We really did! Thanks so much for having us. Enjoy the rest of your night!” Jokes on you, bud. No matter how old you are, college parties will always be fun. Especially when there’s live music.

Cheerio, Athens and Hello, Nashville!

As I mentioned in my last post, 2013 has been spent seeking a band of musicians that sticks. Birds of Shame (BOS), my project with Reid, was born this year through that search, while BKC played a few shows here and there with hired guns. BOS has been a blast, but has turned into more of a writing project as a result of my pending move to Nashville, TN — THERE. I said it.

I’m moving to Nashville.

I love Athens, GA. This town has a heartbeat that can’t be matched by any place in the whole wide world. Athens has an amazing community of talented, humble musicians, who have more music venues to exercise their visions than Keith Richards has years of life. Beyond that, it’s small (but not tiny!), it’s cheap, it’s cultured, and the weather is beautiful. But after 4 great years of musician juggling, I need a new and bigger pool of warm, instrument-playing bodies from which to draw. And rumor has it that Nashville has at least a few musicians poking around….

So this is my final month in Athens. To prepare for the move, I’ve been trying to save up, so I haven’t been traveling with the band(s), but I have been playing with friends to enjoy the last few months we have living in the same town. A few weeks ago, I joined guys from Eddie & the Public Speakers, Half Dozen Brass Band, and JazzChronic to form a project called “Rick James Brown.” We had a blast covering all sorts of disco funk at Nowhere Bar in Athens. I’m joining the same group of musicians on October 31st to celebrate “Shag-o-ween,” a party with an Austin Powers Soundtrack backdrop (played live at Nowhere Bar!). Reid and I will be playing some BOS songs at DePalma’s on October 24th and on Saturday, I sang at a private tailgate with my boys in Craig Waters & the Flood. Otherwise, I’m just savoring every last moment I have here as a resident.

I can’t really wrap my head around saying an actual “goodbye” to Athens. I’ve spent time here my entire life and I still sort of think I’ll live here again at some point. I don’t want to make a final exit. However, I AM excited about Nashville! With every visit I meet interesting people and experience kewl places. I’ve got a nice place locked down in East Nashville, so I’m told musicians will be falling in my lap. It should just be a matter of time before I have some new things to talk about coming out of Tennessee!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! And come Shag-o-ween with us to help celebrate my last show here as an Athens resident! 😉


BKC -> Birds Of Shame: A History.

I feel like I haven’t been a good blogger lately. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been, with so few updates and gigs on the website. Despite the lack of PR, I want you to know, I’m still working out here! Let me explain….

2011 and 2012 were great years. BKC traveled it’s taillights off around the country, playing over 100 shows as far north as NY and as far west as TX and CO. We played fantastic venues and made some amazing friends. I personally was able to grow musically with all sorts of musicians that call Athens home, who shared hours on the road and on stage with me. But, being an artist, I’m never quite satisfied. 😉

BKC is always dependent on “hired guns” … musicians that play and get paid per gig. Thanks to the beautifully tight-knit Athens music community, BKC’s hired guns are all friends, most of whom played over 20 shows with the band, and some with a different instrument (Craig Waters has toured with BKC on trombone, guitar, and bass! Thayer Sarrano has played pedal steel and keys, and has opened as a solo act on guitar!) depending on the tour! But the thing about hired guns is, they always get paid, and BKC likes to play prestigious venues to aid growth, rather than what we call in the biz “soft ticket” venues (which make big money, but don’t help you grow!)…. so things got pretty pricey for this starving artist to tour!

So, in early 2013, I set out to build a project with committed musicians with a single vision… whether it was to continue with BKC, or start something brand new. And it’s been HARD! All of my favorite people in Athens are in at least 5,003 bands!!! Or unwilling to tour, etc. So, when I wasn’t playing shows with hired guns, I was meeting with musicians, trying to write (the pain of blind-writing-dates described here) together, sing together, express visions and financial strategies (taboo words for artists!!!) and see if we land on the same page….. I’ve met and played with a lot of incredible artists in 2013! However, nothing has quite stuck, besides my incredibly fulfilling writing relationship with Reid.

Reid and I are calling our project Birds of Shame (or BOS) and we have got some beautiful songs written for it! However, we’ve been waiting on the right pack of committed musicians to really start hitting the stage. We’re taking a totally different approach this time around — writing, writing, writing… experimenting through different demos in Reid’s home studio, and generally, taking our darn time.

So, BOS might be a project you get to know through soundcloud and surprise duo sets for a while! We’re really excited on the artistic side of things and hope we’ll hit the stage someday, when the time is right, with a full band, full of magic and terror! So, keep checking in…. we’re always working, here, whether we’re in the spotlight or not!