BKC -> Birds Of Shame: A History.

I feel like I haven’t been a good blogger lately. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been, with so few updates and gigs on the website. Despite the lack of PR, I want you to know, I’m still working out here! Let me explain….

2011 and 2012 were great years. BKC traveled it’s taillights off around the country, playing over 100 shows as far north as NY and as far west as TX and CO. We played fantastic venues and made some amazing friends. I personally was able to grow musically with all sorts of musicians that call Athens home, who shared hours on the road and on stage with me. But, being an artist, I’m never quite satisfied. 😉

BKC is always dependent on “hired guns” … musicians that play and get paid per gig. Thanks to the beautifully tight-knit Athens music community, BKC’s hired guns are all friends, most of whom played over 20 shows with the band, and some with a different instrument (Craig Waters has toured with BKC on trombone, guitar, and bass! Thayer Sarrano has played pedal steel and keys, and has opened as a solo act on guitar!) depending on the tour! But the thing about hired guns is, they always get paid, and BKC likes to play prestigious venues to aid growth, rather than what we call in the biz “soft ticket” venues (which make big money, but don’t help you grow!)…. so things got pretty pricey for this starving artist to tour!

So, in early 2013, I set out to build a project with committed musicians with a single vision… whether it was to continue with BKC, or start something brand new. And it’s been HARD! All of my favorite people in Athens are in at least 5,003 bands!!! Or unwilling to tour, etc. So, when I wasn’t playing shows with hired guns, I was meeting with musicians, trying to write (the pain of blind-writing-dates described here) together, sing together, express visions and financial strategies (taboo words for artists!!!) and see if we land on the same page….. I’ve met and played with a lot of incredible artists in 2013! However, nothing has quite stuck, besides my incredibly fulfilling writing relationship with Reid.

Reid and I are calling our project Birds of Shame (or BOS) and we have got some beautiful songs written for it! However, we’ve been waiting on the right pack of committed musicians to really start hitting the stage. We’re taking a totally different approach this time around — writing, writing, writing… experimenting through different demos in Reid’s home studio, and generally, taking our darn time.

So, BOS might be a project you get to know through soundcloud and surprise duo sets for a while! We’re really excited on the artistic side of things and hope we’ll hit the stage someday, when the time is right, with a full band, full of magic and terror! So, keep checking in…. we’re always working, here, whether we’re in the spotlight or not!


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