And Now, We Wait…

“Barefoot & Pregnant” is recorded, mixed, mastered and ready to be released, as soon as Cletus the Fetus is ready to come out of the womb! (Due date is 1/11, which is THIS SUNDAY!!!)

Despite the pressure of my beach ball belly, I had so much fun laying everything down with Country Music Aficionado, Joe Caverlee¬†(who, like most of these guys, is too kewl to have a website, but I’ll try to link y’all some info anyway! ūüėČ ), and his boys at¬†Pat Lassiter Productions!¬†This EP will feature Caverlee on fiddle and background vocals, Lassiter on bass,¬†Tim Galloway¬†on guitar(s),¬†Steve Poole¬†on keys,¬†Rusty Danmyer¬†on pedal steel, and¬†William Ellis¬†on drums. The studio experience was amazing! I knew exactly how I wanted the songs to sound, so I was geared up to micromanage, but between my vision and Joe’s direction, these guys knew exactly what to do! I’ve never had so much fun watching the music in my head manifest!¬†At 37 weeks pregnant, it was tough to hold notes, but Joe and Pat had a great sense of humor about it and enjoyed catching Cletus move like an alien as we reviewed tracks. (We never figured out if movement meant the baby liked what we were doing or not.)

BK 37 weeks in studio BW

The few people who have heard these songs liken them to older country acts. The first day in the studio, Will came out from behind the drums and said something along the lines of, “man, I didn’t know I’d get to play some of that Lynn-Presley-Musgraves-Haggard¬†music today!” We all laughed and I’m still blushing. I love that stuff and I am on cloud 9 knowing that I have the team to help me make it happen from here on out! (Again, thank you,¬†Rans, for introducing me to these guys!) I’m guessing there will be a lot more “vintage country” to come…

So, now we wait! As soon as I go into labor, I’ll click the magic icon and release “Barefoot & Pregnant” on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Rdio, and pretty much anywhere else you’d ever go to to get your music digitally. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later…. I’m pretty sure I heard Cletus laughing as I bent over in an attempt to shave my legs in shower last night. Needless to say, it was a half-baked job.

Whenever you’re ready, pal….


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