B etsy Kingston moved to Athens, GA in 2010 to write and recruit for her yet unnamed project. Here, she lived in a small converted barn that had played host to performances by R.E.M, the B-52’s, and Widespread Panic. It was mostly in this barn that her album, Blue Laws, was written and BKC was founded.

Recorded while on the road in Portland, but mixed in Nashville and Sacramento, 2012’s Blue Laws embraces numerous styles, while remaining true to its southern roots. Kingston’s soulful voice effortlessly powers her genre-hopping debut album, which is neatly divided between booze-soaked blues-rockers and gentle country-folk numbers. Her voice drips with whiskey and rattles with gravel, only to shift gears at a moment’s notice, revealing a subtle vulnerability and twang.

After extensively touring the country with the Crowns, in 2014 Kingston decided to move to Nashville, TN to seek further opportunity. A few months in, she got knocked up and began writing songs inspired by the pregnancy experience, while playing and singing live periodically. Many songs were written, but only 4 were deemed ready, and at 37 weeks pregnant, Barefoot & Pregnant was recorded.

Finally in the perfect environment for such a project, Kingston stepped away from rock and blues on Barefoot & Pregnant and into the vintage country style featured sporadically on Blue Laws with songs like “Goodbye, Sweet Boy” and “You Look Like I Need A Drink.” The EP highlights Kingston’s tongue-and-cheek sense of humor, which dances over an underlying darkness. For example, “Rough Love & Smooth Mac ‘n’ Cheese” addresses in seriousness 2 of Kingston’s ridiculous priorities during pregnancy, while “Kokopelli Nursery Rhyme” playfully presents how devastatingly cruel the process of trying to conceive can be.

Barefoot & Pregnant is poised to be released digitally upon Kingston’s L&D in January. Stay in touch for what is to come postpartum!