Performing at 35 Weeks and Other Adventures

Today marks 30 days until the due date! I may eat my words (and everything else in the house), but thus far, I LIKE the 3rd trimester! Sure, it’s nearly impossible to put on and take off boots and everything I wear is black and involves spandex, which makes it super hard to find clothes in a hurry, but, otherwise, the physical inconvenience isn’t so bad, because now I’m USED to feeling weird! I gave up trying to feel normal months ago, and I think that giving-in is half the battle. Plus, I’m so obviously “with child” now that I can get away with ANYTHING — I space out mid-song during rehearsals and leave to shove cold pizza down my throat… Snap mercilessly at my husband for no reason… get up to take walks in the middle of boring sermons… — and NO ONE calls me out, because “Awwww, she’s pregnant!” I might also be too brain-dead to realize how much it sucks right now… but, whatever the reason, I’m actually ENJOYING it!

In other news, “Barefoot & Pregnant” is ready to be recorded! This weekend I got to play a few of the new songs with my buddy Mac Leaphart in a short, acoustic set. Singing and playing in the cold at 35 weeks pregnant is not conducive to the most impressive performance chops-wise, but it was so much fun! There’s no better way to see the true personality a song until it is played in front of a live audience.

Betsy & Mac 12/6/14

Betsy & Mac 12/6/14


Now, I feel totally confident taking these songs into the studio on Monday! I’m ripping off my friend, Country-Crooner Rans Thomas, and working with the same guys with whom he recorded his latest EP, because I had such a fantastic time with them on the bit that I sang (y’all check out his tunes — “Tracks on the Train,” especially! 😉 ) in August, and I think this team will be the perfect fit. It’s all going down next week.

So, after it’s recorded, the art is done, and the business side is in order, Cletus the Fetus is allowed to become a human child, who breathes air like the rest of us. Until then, this baby better enjoy the great, dark dwelling s/he currently calls “home!”



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